Chod’s earliest recollection of being affected by art was by a book of Grimm’s Fairy Tales Illustrated by Benvenuti. At three years old he would ask for “The Old Woman of the Mountains” to be read over and over. In the story there was an illustration of a girl’s skin draped over a branch of a tree. He remembers staring at it and noticing that it was so different from every other picture in all of his other books. Since that point Chod has always been drawn to the brutal and bit off. He touches on different topics with his artwork, but in the end makes sure that what he produces is something that the three year old in him would want to look at over and over again.

Chod works primarily in acrylic and ink with hints of collage. Using the canvas as a form of therapy, his subject matter includes commentaries on politics, religion, love, war and death. All with heavy doses of monsters. Lots and lots of monsters.